Movers and Shakers: Deaf People Who Changed the World
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Movers and Shakers: Deaf People Who Changed the World

Cathryn Carroll, Susan M. Mather

With the Teacher's Guide and the accompanying Student Bilingual Workbook, you can build a successful, multifaceted program that enables your students to learn more about the heritage of today's Deaf people while deepening their understanding of important elements of American Sign Language and English. Twenty-one of these stories have accompanying exercises in the student workbook. Each exercise encourages students to develop and apply their knowledge. Using American Sign Language, students explore classifiers, directionality, synonyms, and "handshape homonyms." Using English, they tackle idiomatic phrases. The exercises provide valuable and lasting insights into these two rich languages. The Movers & Shakers Student Bilingual Workbook features twenty-one exercises highlighting deaf individuals-some culturally deaf, some not-who changed the society around them and the world we live in today. A rich tool for teachers of Deaf Studies, Bilingualism, and Language Arts classes who are seeking to instruct students in deaf history and simultaneously sharpen their use and understanding of both English and ASL.

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